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Build a House in Surin

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We are a Surin Based company (North East Thailand).
We have been trading in Thailand for 11 years now.
I myself have built houses in several countries.

United Kingdom.

I personally have 26 years’ experience in building and property development.

Here in Thailand where I have now settled, we have our teams of between 10 and 12 full time workers.
One of the gangs is the non-traveling gang, concentrating on houses in and around Surin Province.
The other gang have travelled as far as Koh Samui and Phuket, but now we try to work within - NORTH EAST THAILAND Isaan region. The demand for our company allows us to pick and choose to a degree our clients and locations of work! 
I think it’s very important the client is comfortable with us and visa versa.

However if there is a contract worthy of traveling we would be willing to do so if the house was big enough.
We have a total of two main Foremen, one of which has built government buildings, hospitals, hotels universities and   schools, in the Bangkok region of Thailand.
We don’t try to portray that we are a big fancy (expensive) company we are a family business capable of building two houses at one time.
I personally oversee all the work we commit to building, with regular site visits.

We like to guarantee quality of a high standard workmanship that’s the main reason we don’t take on more houses than we can comfortably deal with building at any one time.  
We work very closely with our clients from the design to the finale touches.

Sometime our clients are out of the country part and even all the way through the construction of the house.
We keep in touch through phone calls and Email, sending weekly progress pictures of the build through internet.
You will find us to be very accommodating and patient to work with. 
Some time it can be very frustrating trying to build a house in Thailand, we take away all of that stress and worry.

We also price against other Thai companies all the time we are very competitive BUT normally of a much higher standard the average Thai company and as they say “you get what you pay for”.

Alan the builder you can talk to!